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Symbolic Camera

Below is a video displaying my symbolic camera. Making this helped inform the pre-film development process, mainly through people seeing it in my house and asking me what on earth it is, leading to a discussion about the film I am to make. At one end is a...

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I had to cut the end off of the poem from the beginning of the film. Although I think it is better whole, I just couldn't get it to fit well... The young will stand and show that they're better and bigger than what came beforeand they will rise hellbent,...

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Youth Strike for Climate

15 March 2019Youth Strike for ClimateToday, the first day of filming, was difficult. I went to Parliament Square in Westminster to film the Youth Strike for Climate: thousands of young people truanted from school to protest in order to raise awareness of...

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International Rebellion Week

15 April 2019International Rebellion Week, LondonI've been advised not to film anything more; the deadline is in four days.... But, I cannot resist. The whole movement has been building up to this point! Protesters have occupied five spots in Central...

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15 April 2019Editing Looking back at my footage from the first day of shooting, it seems that I have asked people for their names before filming them; the initial introductory chat in which people explain who they are is missing from the majority of my...

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