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Below is a video displaying my symbolic camera. Making this helped inform the pre-film development process, mainly through people seeing it in my house and asking me what on earth it is, leading to a discussion about the film I am to make. At one end is a double sided mirror. The intention behind this belongs to the wish to make a film that both reflects those I work with as accurately as possible, whilst also reflecting my intentions as the film maker in the process. I see the practice of anthropology, and visual anthropology especially, as an intensely self-reflexive process. Opening yourself up to interact with a vast variety of different people whilst trying to fully acknowledge and allow them to express their uniqueness leads to experiences which often make you question yourself. To symbolise this, when you look through the camera all you can see is your own eye reflected back at you. If you move the camera further away, your eye becomes the centre of a tree; the intention being to symbolise the connection with, and effect upon, nature that the extinction rebellion is trying to remind people that they have.